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Who We Serve

Elite Academy provides a safe and nurturing learning environment  that meets the needs of children 5 through 21 years of age experiencing educational, social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Working closely with families, local education agencies, and other professionals, we create an individualized program specific to each student's unique needs in the following areas:


Emotional Disability

Intellectual Disability

Other Health Impairment

Specific Learning Disability

Admissios Criteria

In accordance with state and federal law, Elite Academy safeguards our policy of nondiscrimination for reasons of race, religion, national origin, or disability. Students with the following characteristics are eligible for admission consideration:

  • Students who have an Individualized Education Plan with day placement listed as the least restrictive environment

  • Students at least 5 years of age and no older than 22

  • Students with Autism, Emotional Disability, Intellectual Disability, Other Health Impairment, and Specific Learning Disability

  • Students with academic and/or behavioral difficulties that prevent satisfactory adjustment in a less restrictive environment

  • Students who exhibit significant impairment in educational and/or social or interpersonal functioning

  • Students who require a curated, educational day placement and are not in need of a more restrictive residential placement

Admissions Process


Elite Academy utilizes a four-part admissions process designed to make sure we are the program that will best meet the individual needs of each student. 

Back to School


A referral is received by Elite Academy on a potential student. Each referral needs to include the following documentation which will help determine if placement at Elite Academy is appropriate:

  • Current IEP

  • Current eligibility documentation

  • Current psychological, educational and social history

  • Current school records including discipline records, report cards, transcript of earned credits, academic and career plan, and SOL testing results

  • Comprehensive physical examination and current immunization record

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