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The mission of Elite Academy's counseling program is to help students become who they are meant to be. It is our vision to provide all students with the academic, career, and socio-emotional skills needed to successfully navigate life’s endless possibilities through targeted developmental school counseling services.


Individual Counseling

Students will have access to individual counseling sessions with our school counselor. To best serve our students, a variety of theoretical approaches blending Cognitive-Behavioral Theory (CBT), Choice Theory, Rational-Emotive Behavior Theory (REBT), and Trauma Informed Care. These sessions will also be used to deliver targeted and individualized academic, career, and socio-emotional supports. 

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Group Counseling

Throughout the academic year, many of our students display similar emotional needs. When relevant, our staff will collaborate to develop a targeted group counseling curriculum to deliver in a group setting. All participants are willing group members and utilize teamwork to develop the group norms. Through this collaborative delivery we aim to meet the needs of our students while minimally disrupting the educational setting.


Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care shifts the focus from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” A trauma-informed approach to care acknowledges that care teams need to have a complete picture of a student’s life situation — past and present — in order to provide effective services with a healing orientation. Adopting trauma-informed practices can potentially improve student engagement, program adherence, and outcomes.

Trauma-informed care seeks to:

  • Realize the widespread impact of trauma and understand paths for recovery;

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in our students;

  • Integrate knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures, and practices; and

  • Actively avoid re-traumatization.

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Social Emotional Support

Our counselor plays a critical role in supporting social/emotional development as they:

  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to provide the school counseling curriculum to our students through direct instruction, team-teaching or providing lesson plans for learning activities or units in classrooms aimed at social/emotional development

  • Understand the nature and range of human characteristics specific to child and adolescent development

  • Identify and employ appropriate appraisal methods for individual and group interventions that support our students’ social/emotional development

  • Know and utilize counseling theories to inform both direct and indirect services providing support to our students’ social/emotional development

  • Use assessment in the context of appropriate statistics and research methodology, follow-up assessment and measurement methods to implement appropriate program planning for social/emotional development

  • Select and implement technology in a school counseling program to facilitate our students’ social/emotional development

  • Serve as a referral source for our students when social/emotional issues become too great to be dealt with solely by the school counselor, including crisis interventions


Therapeutic Yoga

The LMY Peaceful Pause program is a therapeutic and interventional program specifically created for an academic setting. This innovative approach provides at-risk students with mindfulness tools they can use to increase emotional regulation, self awareness and focus. The students learn the science behind yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises as well as the practices themselves so they can implement them in and outside the school setting. The program has been proven to decrease academic absences related to school.

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