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Kids in Art Class

Elite Academy’s academic program provides the instructional tools and resources needed to meet the diverse cognitive, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of all students. Our curriculum is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning and is designed to present students with appropriate challenges and intentional practices that help them build their basic skills and understanding. Individualized instructional targets are set to bolster foundational skills and unlock the potential in every learner utilizing actionable assessment data.

Behavior Support


Elite Academy utilizes a level system for behavior regulation and analysis. This system uses daily point sheets to monitor and measure interval and anecdotal data for each student in the areas of attitude, instructional engagement and attentiveness, respect for others, and following staff directions. This approach to behavior management is designed to reward positive student behavior and help develop strategies for behavioral change. 


Young Man in Therapy


Yoga Class

The Elite Academy counseling program aims to deliver targeted services in the domains of academic, career, and socio-emotional development utilizing a multi-tiered support system including individual and group sessions.

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