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Elite Academy understands each student’s learning path looks a little different. We take the time to assess each student’s capacity to learn the curriculum, their preferred method of instructional delivery, and the pace they need to master the material. This learner-centered approach is much more effective than simply creating educational material around the subject and forcing the student to fit within that box. Elite meets students where they are and uses evidence-based, innovative programing to assist students with closing their skill gaps and reaching their full potential.

Evidence-Based Instruction

Our teachers combine their expertise as content knowledge experts with research-backed instruction and practices to increase student learning outcomes.

Independent Living

Our independent living curriculum is designed to help students meet the challenges of their daily lives with confidence. Students will learn basic information and practical skills related to such topics as interpersonal and family relationships, career preparation, financial management, life management, healthy living, foods and nutrition, clothing and housing.

Standards of Learning

Our curriculum is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning.


Our transition curriculum helps prepare students for independent living, employment, and further education or training once he or she leaves high school.

Functional ESY

Our unique summer program is designed to assist students with retention of skills acquired during the regular school year and to enhance communication, team building, and emotional regulation. This functional program delivers instruction through a variety of acivities such as community service projects, field trips, and "FUN" Fridays.

Responsive Classrooms

Our student-centered classrooms use a social and emotional learning approach to teaching and discipline using a set of research and evidence-based practices designed to create safe, joyful, and engaging classrooms and school communities for both students and teachers.

Social Skills

Our social skills programming is designed to increase a student’s ability to understand others' emotional states, wants, and needs to encourage appropriate interactions and relationships.

Academic Services
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